Due to climatic conditions along the Front Range area of the Rocky Mountains, we can safely fly only in the early morning hours with our Flying Season and most Beautiful months being May through November. For instance during the months of May through July, We are Meeting at the Launchsite Between 5:45AM – 6:00AM and August through September Between 6:00AM – 6:30AM, The latest it ever gets is in October just before we change the clocks, Between 7:00AM – 7:30AM. Since our launch times vary through the seasons, we ask all our Guests to call ahead if the exact meeting time is needed before scheduling a Reservation.


High winds and/or inclement weather prevent us from flying.

We ask all our Guests to contact us in the early afternoon prior to their scheduled Flight between 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. to verify that the forecasted weather conditions will allow their Balloon Flight.


Click here for a Map and Driving Directions

We primarily fly from our Launchsites in the Boulder, Colorado area. To optimize the best possible Views and Flight Experience for each of our Guests, our Launchsites vary due to current and forecasted climatic conditions. Prior to your scheduled Flight, please check our website or contact us by telephone for the current Launchsite. Other Launchsites are possible, if any of our Guests would like to launch elsewhere, Please contact Fair Winds directly.

Post Flight

Upon returning to the Launchsite, each of our Guests will receive a Celebratory Bottle of Champagne/Sparkling Wine or Sparkling Cider, an Official Fair Winds T-shirt & Balloon Pin, and a Personalized Flight Certificate with Photo….and More.

Flight Time

Our actual Flight Time (Time in the Air) is approximately one to one and a half hours averaging closer to one and a half hours and we suggest to allow three to three and a half hours for the entire Adventure.


Our Balloons carry up to six to ten Guests on each Balloon, with both “Private” Flights and larger Balloons available also… and…

We encourage all our Guests, if they wish, to participate in both the inflation and deflation of the Balloon. We have found it adds greatly to the fun of the entire Ballooning experience.




Although we are fully insured, a signed waiver is required from each of our Guests to fulfill our insurance requirements.


We have enough room in our chase vehicles to transport our crew and all our Guests. Family members and friends are always welcome to come and enjoy the festivities, but they are asked to provide their own transportation.


Because of Colorado’s varying temperatures, we suggest dressing in layers. Dress casual and comfortable – Wear sneakers or low-heeled shoes. For our taller Guests, we also suggest a light hat or ball cap.


Don’t forget them! Bring plenty of extra film / batteries / memory sticks / etc.


Both for safety reasons and in consideration of our other Guests, we request that there be no smoking in or around the Balloons or any of the other motorized equipment.


Should your scheduled Flight be cancelled due to inclement weather, if requested, we will be happy to reschedule your Flight for the next available Flight date.


*If you need to cancel, you must notify our office at least seven days prior to your scheduled Flight or full charges will be assumed.


Our entire staff is dedicated and committed to providing all our Guests with excellent service. Although tipping is customary in our industry with 10% being the average, Please remember that your gratuity is completely at the discretion of each of our Guests and is always greatly appreciated. For your convenience, your gratuity may also be added to your credit card after the Flight.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are valid for two years from date of purchase and are transferable but non-refundable. Click here for printable version

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